Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Simply Jamaica

Ever wonder what a "day in a Jamaican villa" might be like?

For me, it started with a delicious hot pot of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee waiting for me on my own private patio. Although you can't see the view in this picture - it was all of Montego Bay, turquoise water and waves crashing on the rocks and sand. Quiet & peaceful. A very pleasant way to start the day

After lingering over coffee, I went out to the main patio and had another cup of coffee with the group (there were 18 of us - 10 kids and 8 adults all traveling harmoniously together... no I am not lying - it was harmonious!)

The butler announced breakfast was ready. So I sat down in the sunshine and had a lovely meal.

A little while later we headed down to the beach. I sunbathed, chatted, swam and thoroughly relaxed. The kids built sand castles, hunted for Hermit crabs and Sand crabs... T chased down this Sand crab...

We headed back to the villa for a delicious lunch and then back down to the beach. The kids wanted to swim at the beach pool. This was the view

Around 5:30pm we headed back to the villa for a last swim in the villa pool and dinner for the kids. The adults had Rum Punch while the kids ate and enjoyed this sunset. The kids went off to play and we enjoyed a lovely dinner of pumpkin soup, Black Snapper, cho cho, and peas and rice. Delicious. Relaxing.

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