Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A New Year.... a New Beginning!

It has been awhile since the blog has been updated. Time to wake things up!  A New Year…a new beginning!  January is always such a great time for taking stock and reevaluating things.  It’s cold enough for all of us to slow down and catch our breaths, before the next big wave.  Post holiday, the expectations seem to taper and we get a chance to pause and focus on our next act. With the weather not so glorious, I don’t feel so guilty hunkered down indoors tackling projects, long overdue. Putting decorations away, filing that seemingly insurmountable pile of last year’s papers or finally reorganizing that scary corner of my basement (Ok let’s be honest. There are 4 scary corners!) are just a few of the items on my list.  Personally, I like setting goals this time of year, big and small.  The small ones tend to lead to bigger ones…plus I just love crossing them off the list and feeling that sense of accomplishment. 

So, with that, let’s take a look at some ways we can help YOU set some goals, and get some tasks crossed off of your list!  Let’s go!

One of Melissa’s favorite things in the kitchen, besides baking of course, is her white board.  Everyday, she scribbles down her tasks and as she achieves them, she just wipes them away.  Very satisfying! Simplify Marketplace carries the most adorable white boards…hang one in your kitchen, kid’s room, mom-cave, wherever!  They are self sticking and bordered in fun patterns to keep you feeling tasky and trendy!

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Assorted Designs - Capri Designs White Boards $12.50

Calendars, a seemingly obvious choice for January but certainly not overrated!  Start looking ahead, filling in dates, making plans and before you know it…is it spring yet? 

Kim Parker Floral perpetual calendar.... $11

Journals are a great way to get down all your scattered thoughts, in one happy place.  What might seem random at first may just turn into something special!

A pocket planner will not only keep your dates organized, but also your (often fleeting) ideas, all in one place when you are on the go. And let's face it... we are all ON. THE. GO!

Today is the Day Pocket Planner $13.99

I love writing my ideas & goals down, but when I do it on scraps of paper, sometimes they disappear as quick as my thoughts…why not keep them together in one safe place!

Big Idea Notepad $14.95

And finally, I leave you with this first item finally checked off the 2015 resolution list:

Small Positive Thought box sign $18