Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So here are the pictures you have been waiting for - the after pictures! (I must preface this by saying that these pictures really don't do the "after" justice! I took them with my iPhone and need to go back and take some with a real camera...) I think you will get a good sense what we were able to accomplish

In this Butlers Pantry area we moved all the glasses that were stored here into bottom cabinets (there were just too many of them and they were not used on a daily basis.) We then found some beautiful pieces of glass hidden in other cabinets - and created a showcase for them. They really look beautiful with the light shining through

This pantry area was filled with all kinds of items - from food, to tools to serving pieces. We organized all the canned and boxed goods on the pull out shelves. Placed some specialty, not oft used food items on a top shelf and relegated all the big serving pieces to the shelves above.

In the pantry closet we organized holiday and other specialty items, some bulk food and then created a spot for a bulletin board, shoe and purse storage

Above the ovens we built little cubicles for platters to make them more accessible and therefore more usable!

Dishes and serving pieces were organized and put near the dishwasher

Stayed tuned for more tomorrow....

Monday, August 9, 2010

Time to SIMPLIFY.....

Recently I was hired by a client to SIMPLIFY her kitchen. She was going away on a vacation and asked that we come in and de-clutter, SIMPLIFY and put some organizational systems in place so that she could maintain everything once we were done. It was quite the project!

Our first step was to empty absolutely everything out of all the cabinets, drawers and closets.

This is just a snapshot of what we started with...

Once everything was out, we began the long process of sorting. Trying to decide what was necessary to keep, where it made the most sense to be and how it would be used.... the items that weren't going to be kept were then sorted into give away and throw away piles. It was a mentally exhausting process that required quite a few texts and pictures to be sent back and forth to the vacationing client...