Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Signage!  We are so thrilled to show off our new sign!  It’s been a long time coming so…despite the fact that it took three of us, one ladder and one over sized snow bank to hold said ladder…the SIMPLIFY MARKETPLACE sign has been hung on its post for all to see and beckon customers forth.  I’m a big believer that one good turn surely deserves another.  So, while we were outside admiring the sign (and icicles) we took a moment (ok, 10) and changed a few light bulbs on the outdoor string.  The cold is no excuse to put off improvements, particularly ones that are so simple!!  After all, “A wise owl Simplifies”

Now that I’m back indoors and cozily planted behind the front desk, I can see this lovely new sign and my own inner bulbs start popping with ideas.  I think…how very important it is to have signage, something with which to be identified.  So, let’s see how we can help you simplify your own signage… 

One of my new year’s resolutions is to keep in touch more.  In this digital age, I plan on using my digits (see what I did there?) to write more handwritten notes.  I received one not too long ago from an old friend.  I found it so delightful that it inspired me to share some of that with the people in my life.  Simplify Marketplace can have personalized stationery made to order - simple folded notes, elegant letterpress, and unique flat print options…so simple yet so elegant.  I can’t wait to order mine! 

Personalized Notepad $15

Personalized Sticky Notes $7

Set of 10 Personalized Folded Notes $18

Or make the start to your day a little more simple with these great personalized notes to send off to school

Personalized School Notes - Many Designs Available $15

It’s important not only for us to have our identifiers, but for children, too!  What’s more personal than a pillow?  Check out this one…not only super cute, but super cuddly, too.

Flat printed pillowcase on jersey. Super Soft. Many Colors/Patterns $32

Monogramming can turn anything into something special.  Why not go the extra step for someone special (yourself!) Carved Solutions is an elegant line of candles, soaps and hand towels.  With their super fast turn around time, you can have the perfect hostess gift anytime!
Carved Solutions Custom Candles $30

Personalized glasses can also make a statement…for one “Don’t touch my glass!”…unless you’re refilling it, of course!

Carved Solutions Glasses - Starting at $15

With that, I leave you my own signage…
Yours truly,

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