Monday, February 28, 2011

Escape from the Winter Blues

With a trip to Miami Beach - Club Style!

For this surprise birthday bash we wanted to evoke the feeling of somewhere warm and tropical... with a night club vibe. We decided to use Miami Beach as our inspiration. The palate of colors was kept simple. White, Black and Hot Pink.

We emptied the ballroom of all furniture and brought in white sofas, daybeds, sleek bar stools, a very cool white leather ottoman and tables with lycra covers.

The furniture was grouped into conversation areas... which added to the club vibe

The real transformation came as night fell and everything (including the flowers) was lit with either fuchsia or hot white light. Guests were met at the entrance by a bouncer with a velvet rope and had to have their name on "the list" to gain entry. A few good humored guests were highlighted in advance and asked to wait to the side for a few moments until the bouncer decided they were "ok" to enter....

A dessert table by Sweet Stuff with a shopping vignette for the cake and some beautiful finger desserts capped the evening

Desserts were propped up on glass plates over vases filled with floral marbles and lights

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