Friday, March 4, 2011

Moon Splash @ the "Dune Preserve"

We will continue our escape from this never ending Winter with a trip back to a Caribbean Style Beach Party we did in September.

To set the tone for the evening we lined the long driveway with torches... There were two possible entrances to the house, but only one we wanted guests to use. We positioned a birdbath in the middle of the path we didn't want people to use and created this fun arrangement of limes, lemons and a pineapple to help set the tone for the evening and block the path!

Torches lined the correct pathway up the stairs into the back yard

Guests were met at the top of the stairs by servers holding trays of Rum Punch (the credit for the rum punch recipe goes to a good friend and many trips to Jamaica... but that will have to wait to be the subject for another post)

The hostess told us that she wasn't a big fan of flowers... so we kept them to a minimum and used fruit, tropical leaves and shells for most of our arrangements. Fuchsia, Lemon Yellow and Bright Orange used in different ways throughout the party space unified the evening.

And some flowers and goldfish as the centerpiece for the food table....

Food for the evening was Caribbean style finger foods. We didn't want guest to have to try to coordinate holding a plate and fork while - so we filled the buffet with all kinds of fun treats that were easy to grab and go... and made sure everyone got plenty of food by butlering most items through out the night as well.

Later in the evening we switch the buffet from savory to sweet.... and the guests devoured them up before we had a chance to capture how beautiful everything looked!

Pink and yellow uplights in the beautiful tent gave the space a warm glow as the night went on....

Many thanks to Kristen of SnapTwoIt Photography for all the wonderful photos!

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